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Features That Should Never Feature in Your Cosmetic Packaging

What do you think of when considering packaging for all kinds of cosmetic products? If you have experience in the industry, you would be quite aware that it goes far and beyond simple boxes. Its overall purpose takes it to very high standards for all cosmetic product manufacturers and brands.

When getting your custom boxes wholesale and other cosmetic packaging ready, there are some don’ts that you should avoid. These major problems can cause your packaging to turnout not beneficial at all. Here are some features that you should definitely avoid in your cosmetic packaging boxes:

1: Boring and Bland Printed Designs

Printed designs are always of the most importance when it comes to packaging of any kind. Cosmetic packaging especially relies heavily on its prints in order to appeal more to customers. Boring and too plain printed designs should definitely be avoided.

If you have single tone cosmetic boxes, they should necessarily have nice accenting prints on them. Image prints might also be required for some Fancy Lip Balm Boxes and others. Fancy printed finishes will always make them look and feel better.

Ultimately, you are creating printed designs that do the best job of grabbing customer attention. Leave them too bland and boring, no customers will pay any attention to your products on retail shelves.

2: Materials That May Fall Apart

Best material quality is always the key to having best cosmetic packaging. Most cosmetic products including lipsticks, foundations, nail polishes etc. come in fragile containers. Your packaging will be required to offer as much protection as required by these cosmetic products.

When you go too cheap with your packaging and get thin soap boxes, chances are not great. Lip balm and many other cosmetics are enclosed in glass containers. Thick stock materials including cardboard or corrugated will always offer best protection.

You also have to account for the whole shipping fiasco your products will have to go through. All that mishandling will render cheap flimsy packaging useless. Only the best materials survive when put to the test of shipping and retail display.